CHAPTER PRESIDENT         Jeremy (Dudley) Haynes

Greetings, my name is Jeremy Haynes, and I am the President of the Heaven's Saints M/M Waycross Chapter. I have been saved since back in the summer of 2003. I was attending Snowbird Church Camp. It was such an amazing experience being surrounded by God's artwork. Shortly after attending, I made my public profession of faith and was baptized at Sweat Memorial Baptist Church.

At that time I felt a strong calling to be a minister of God's word, but managed to go "my own way" instead. I worked a steady job, got married (Mrs. Cameo Haynes, our current Secretary) and had two great kids. A little bit later on I picked up an interest in motorcycles.

For the past four years I have been a member of The Locals M/C. The past year I have served as the Waycross Chapter's VP. We were not a 1% club, but we were an Outlaws M/C support club.

Around a year and a half ago, my wife and I started feeling God "tugging" at us to get back in church and doing things more "His" way. I am grateful for that. We have found an absolutely awesome Church Family in CrossView Church of God of Prophesy.

It is there I met my mentor, friend, and pastor, Tim Reynolds (Also, our Chapter's Chaplain). He has been a huge guiding force in me stepping forward in my calling to minister to others. It is my hope to one day be a part of Pastoral Ministry.

For the past few years, the local members have pursued me for membership, and I have resisted due to an obligation and loyalty to my former Club. But the seasons have changed and I know now is God's timing for me to be a Saint.

The other local Saints (Shaker, Smiley, Taz, and Paw Paw, etc..) have been true brothers and friends and I just hope that God wills us to a long ministry together.

My experiences are my own, and while I may not have always been in God's perfect will today I walk a path edging ever closer. My goal in life is bring my unique vision and experience to people of every walk. To help them see God, the way I do. He is a God who loves you and every scar you carry. He chases after you no matter your missteps. He is a Savior, a confidant, a friend, a pillar of strength and a rock to stand on.

There is power in knowing that. Any and every situation you are in, Jesus can bring you through!

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

CHAPTER VICE PRESIDENT     William (Shaker) Devlin

I am 60 year old . I am President of  Waycross GA. HSMM . I  am  known in the bike world as Shaker.

I was saved back in November of 1984 in a very special way. The Lord Jesus Christ saved me by using my younger son Joseph who was born on May 31, 1983. As he grew, he wasn’t able to walk. So, I took him to a children's clinic in Waycross Georgia. There were three doctors who examined him and told me that he would have to wear steel braces on both of his legs for a period of six months to a year before his legs would straighten out. They informed me that it would be very painful for him and to keep those braces on him at all times. They said, not to take his leg braces off even when he would cry. As much as I wanted to I couldn’t take those braces off of him. As I left the children's clinic crying and looking up asking God not to punish my son for my sins. I told God I would do anything in this world to get these braces off my son.

I did not know at that time that I was giving my heart and life to Jesus. We went to visit Reta’s mother, who is a Holy Ghost filled God Fearing woman. She told us about a healing service they were having the next day. She invited us to go to the service, for Joseph my younger son. You got to understand that I was raised in First Baptist Church. I really didn't know much about a Pentecostal church at that time in my life.

My mother-in-law put me on the first row with my baby Joseph. I saw all kinds of people laid out in the spirit, speaking in an unknown tongue, crying, and running in the church. As I sat there looking around I was saying to myself “Where would they like a new door?" lol. I noticed that the pastor was walking around praying for people but he kept on passing by us. I knew that service was almost over and I started crying like a baby. Two men walked up and took my son Joseph so I could go to the altar. As the Pastor laid hands on me all I could hear was in the name of Jesus. I felt as though my burdens have been lifted off of me and I felt as light as a feather. I knew in my heart that I was saved. I ran back to my seat where Joseph was, and took him to the pastor, holding him up saying I know that Jesus can heal my son.

When I took him back to the children's clinic to get his legs measured for those night braces, the same three doctors examined him again and they informed me that he did not need night braces. Jesus had healed my son Joseph. Shortly thereafter we joined a Pentecostal Holy Ghost filled Church. I have been saved for 28 years sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost and seen many miracles the Lord has done.

CHAPLAIN & WEB MASTER    (Pastor) Tim Reynolds

As a child I was raised as a pastor’s son, one of four children I am the youngest. At the age of seven I remember going to an altar and asking Jesus to forgive me of my sin and to be Lord of my life. As a teenager I began to rebel and walked away from my relationship with God. I struggled for many years with alcohol and drugs, but I had parents that continued to call upon the Lord on my behalf. At the age of twenty, after hitting the bottom I rededicated my life to the Lord and my life has been changed ever since. I was called to preach and later to pastor. My wife and I have been pastors since 1996 and have served in many areas in the Kingdom of God.

God has given my wife and me a desire to be pastors of a church that has an unstoppable vision, and that vision is to lead people to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. God has called us to help Shape, Sharpen and Share-vision with a body of believers, to pastor a church where everyone is welcomed, everyone is needed, and everyone is changed.

PUBLIC RELATIONS     Charles (Smiley) Vaughn

In 2011 the Lord led me to the Faith Riders, however, that is not what I wanted, I told him "No", and I didn't listen to what His will was for my life. I placed 'The Faith Riders' on the back burner and instead tried to find a way to make some extra money. In 2012 I saw an ad on Craigslist, 'Will trade pressure washer for Harley.' So I traded my bike for the pressure washer. I was making a little extra cash and it felt good. I was tithing 10% back into the Church and praying over the business. However, the work was not steady and the jobs were spread out.

In 2013 I was applying for a job with CSX, I finally got an interview. One Sunday I ask the Lord if I had the job. My answer was, “go to church and I would get an answer.” While at church I was weeping and asked the Lord “What's wrong?” his reply was “When the benediction comes go to the Altar.” That night he told me “Get a motorcycle ministry going.” I told him I did not have a bike and his reply was he would work it out. It is amazing how God works. I traded a bike for a pressure washer, and then I was able to trade the pressure washer for a bike. Right after that he put me in contact with Shaker and I have been doing the Lord's work since.

ROAD CAPTAIN            Larry (Jack Rabbit) Hayes

TAIL GUNNER     James (Tazzman) Casavant

My name is James Casavant Known as Tazzman.

I'm the Secretary for our chapter in Waycross, Ga.

I was saved at 12 years old in W. Va. at church camp, I belive that God has called me to the Heaven's Saints for a reason. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord

SECRETARY                              Cameo Haynes

Treasurer      Reta Devlin

I first came to the Lord when I was 16 years old; however, sometimes when you hang around the wrong crowd you wander away from that Narrow Path. When I worked at Waycross molding I became friends with some of the ladies there. They told me about a new country bar that just opened up so I decided to go and hear this country band. I was sitting by myself and a tall man with a black cowboy hat asked me to dance with him. I guess you can say I fell in love with him right then and there and he was later to become my husband who is now the Vice President of the Heaven’s Saints Waycross, GA chapter and his name is Bill Devlin, a.k.a. “Shaker.” We have been happily married for over 3years and have been in the bike ministry for over 8 years and we love it just like we love all kinds of people. It is funny how the Lord our God would allow me to go into a country bar so I can find my husband with whom I am very proud to be married to. We are both saved and sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost and are loving people to the Lord in the biker world and wherever we go. I have two sons, Eddie and Joseph who are also saved and love the Lord our God.

The Lord has worked very mysteriously at least twice in our lives, the first by allowing me to meet my husband in a bar, and the second by using our son Joseph, who could not walk when he was born, to save my husband. Oh, and by the way, the bar that I met Bill at closed down by the end of the week and there is now a Wal-Mart in its place.

MEMBER                                 Ray (PawPaw) Sirmons

Chaplain Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry, Waycross, GA Chapter Director, Full Gospel Prison Ministries

Ordained: May 1967 PCOG, 1968 COGoP, 1989 CHC

Widowed: Peggy McKee Sirmons 9/30/50 - 8/10/13

3 Daughters; Vesta, Starla, Selena. 5 Grandchildren, 3 Great grandchildren

I was first introduced to the Motorcycle Ministry over thirty years ago thru my cousin Lance "Top Kick" Sirmans, who was at that time, the President of the Christian Motorcyclists Association Chattanooga Chapter. I supported the chapter because it was in a field of ministry that I believed in, however, I was unable to actively participate in. At that time I was ministering to 17 prisons, 4 work release programs, and 2 juvenile facilities. I also worked on projects with Mac Gober, an EX-Hell's Angel who Founded the “Canaan Land Ministry.” My wife and I were called into the Prison Ministry after I graduated from O.R.C. in 1967. We established “Open Doors” in Orlando, Fl in the Summer of 1967 and we started “Full Gospel Prison Ministries” in Montgomery, Al in 1989 which still exists today, however, it is presently inactive.

In 1996 my wife went into a coma for 17 days and afterward required almost constant attention. I maintained my relationship with the Board of Pardons and Paroles and on the days I could minister to the Prisons, the Head of the Board, Mrs. Gladys Riddle would often accompany me to one of the several prisons around Montgomery, Al. If Mrs. Riddle was unavailable, Assistant Attorney General Cluade Pattonwould would accompany me. The Ministry became the sponsor of “As Free As An Eagle,” which is a motivational self help program initiated by James Murphy, the Warden at Draper State Prison. I became active in 'Alabama Volunteers In Corrections and became the sponsor of KAVIC, (Kilby Chapter, AVIC).

My wife and I moved to Waycross at the beginning of 2012, and her declining health prevented me from beginning able to work in Georgia. Peggy was called home on August 10th, 2013. On September 9th 2013.

I don't know at this time if it is God's plan that I continue in Prison Ministry, or if He has another direction for me to travel. No matter what I am, and will always be available to do his will, this is my Battle CRY “Send Me Lord.” I fear no man, nor anything Satan throws at me. My God fights my battles for me, even if I sometimes carry the scars. I have no fear to walk among the cells in a prison, nor the alleys in big cities. I am and old man in many peoples eyes, but I have a young heart, and a love for all of God's children. “Send ME Oh Lord, I WILL Go!